Shanghai Chi Electronics Co. Ltd. is a Shanghai Chi a ODM Power Electronics Co., Ltd. Chinese investment and Air Liquide co founded OEM company, founded in 2016 March. The company is located in the Shanghai Minhang District Xhenzhuang Industrial Park liquefied air group Shanghai research and development and technology center.

Electronic component packaging laboratory relying on the Al, the company now has a group of high precision, high standards of production, experimental equipment and high-quality management personnel and skilled staff, and high-end production equipment and testing technology with the international advanced level of the. It can provide all directional services from product components procurement to production and assembly, technical support and technical training. It can provide nitrogen protection, reflux process observation, residual oxygen measurement, solder joint failure analysis and reliability test during storage and baking process, including reflow soldering and wave soldering.

The product manufacturing base is now undertaking all kinds of small and medium volume, high precision and high demand electronic product processing and assembly, new product research and development and electronic semi-finished products (PCBA) processing. The products that are mainly processed include: aviation, aerospace, military products, new energy vehicle charging pile, intelligent Internet of things, automatic robots, high-speed rail and subway related, environmental testing instruments, photoelectric signal transmission products, sharing products.

The company is set up to solve the challenges facing the electronic industry.

1. the miniaturized trend of the matching electronics industry and the emerging packaging and assembly process;

2. the pursuit of zero defects and no rework;

3. ensure the long-term reliability of electronic products;

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